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    Parents/guardians can, at any time and for any reason, withdraw their signature and cancel their teen’s driver license

make a difference in your Teen’s driving

Teens who are taught safe driving habits from their parents are much less likely to get in a crash. In fact, since 1999 when the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program was instituted in Utah, parents have seen a 65% decrease in the number of teens ages 15-17 killed in motor vehicle crashes (Utah Department of Health). Parents play a big role in forming a teen’s driving habits, and with this guide, you can make sure your teen makes a habit of driving safe.

  • Be an example of a safe driver.
  • Have your teen driver get their learner permit asap and practice, practice, practice with them.
  • Use poor weather as an opportunity to teach and supervise.
  • Build scanning skills by asking questions such as, “What color is the vehicle three cars ahead of you?”
  • While you drive, point out examples of unsafe driving.
  • Explain why you are changing lanes or slowing down.
  • Announce when you are checking the mirrors.

According to the children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, teens whose parents are involved in their driving and training are:


as likely to wear seat belts


less likely to drink and drive


as likely to speed


less likely to talk on a cell phone while driving

Online Resources

It’s easy to ignore a statistic, but when it comes to your own life, or the life of a loved one, even one fatality is too many. In order to teach the importance of Zero, and how we can get there, we host several events throughout the year with parents and students both welcome.

We encourage parents and teens to watch these videos together. Our hope is that it will spark a discussion on how to be better drivers, be a good example and set rules that everyone can agree on.







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resources for parents

The Parent’s Guide to Smart Teen Driving
40-Hour Parent/Teen Driving Guide
Parent/Teen Driving Agreement
Study the Utah Drivers Handbook
Best Used Vehicle Choices for Teens

Utah’s GDL Laws

Graduated driver licensing allows new drivers to learn driving skills over time and gain the experience needed to become safe drivers. Teens receive a “limited driver license” and have certain driving restrictions such as no night-time driving, limitations on who can be in the vehicle with them, and the amount of supervised driving time they must have before getting a full license. Watch these parents and teens answer questions about Utah’s Graduated Driver License laws. How would your answers compare?


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