Drive Truck Smart during the 100 Deadliest Days

How to Drive Safely around Semi Trucks

When warmer weather approaches, summer holidays and vacations begin to increase. These increased family road trips lead to an influx of motor vehicles, RVs, trucks, trailers and motorcycles on the roadways, alongside the nation’s fleet of semi trucks. Unfortunately research has shown that deadly crashes nearly double in summer, turning a carefree and enjoyable time of year into the deadliest. Below are two simple tips to help you and your loved ones drive more safely around big rigs this summer.

Can't See Me? I Can't See You. Stay out of the No Zone around the Big Rigs.

Stay out of the truck’s No Zones. The easiest way to stay out of these blind spots are by looking in the side mirrors for the driver’s face. If you can’t see them, then they can’t see you, so always make sure you can see the driver’s face when passing a truck.

Two Lights in the Mirror or Steer Clear of the No Zone

Cutting off semi-trucks can be extremely dangerous – not to mention it can lead to a $750 fine. For your safety, look for two headlights in your rear-view mirror before switching lanes. For more safe driving tips around big rigs, visit the Truck Smart website.

This summer, do your part to be Truck Smart and leave plenty of space for big rigs. Don’t let your summertime plans end in tragedy.