Why should you buckle up? Let’s look at the Odds.

The odds of dying in an unbuckled car crash are 1 in 2. To help put that in perspective, the odds of dying while skydiving is 1 in 133,000. In fact, the most dangerous activity you will likely do on a regular basis is drive. So make the right choice and buckle up every time. Don’t let your summer adventures end in tragedy. Buckle up and ask everyone around you to do the same. Seat belts save lives. Learn more about seat belt safety here.

5 tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe this summer

  • Everyone buckles up in the car

    For the ENTIRE trip and no matter how long the ride is.

  • Everyone. Every Time.

    Always use lap and shoulder belt properly. Use a booster seat for your children if they’re under 4’9″.

  • When you’re driving, you’re the boss

    Make sure every passenger is buckled before you hit the road.

  • Just a passenger, but feel unsafe?

    Speak up, and remind other passengers to buckle up.