Whatever you ride, ride it better


Look out for Motorcyclists

Lane filtering

Motorcycle Lane Filtering in Utah

Be Kind

For more information on licensing, lane filtering, riding classes, etc. 
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See how drivers and riders can work together on our roads


Tips for motorists

31% of drivers who hit motorcycles were turning


Look twice for motorcycles

Drive distraction free

Give riders lots of space

Obey All Traffic laws

Tips for riders

Use Both Brakes

Motorcyclists typically use their front brakes when stopping, but the rear brake can provide 5-10% more stopping power that could save a life

Gear up for every ride

Whenever possible, use approved DOT/SNELL gear, including helmets, shatter resistant eye protection, jackets, boots and gloves

Alert: New motorcycle helmet law mandates that everyone under 21 wear a helmet

Maintain a safe lane

Slow down, enjoy the ride

Use brights during daytime and flash brights through intersections

Be seen both day & night