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Alexis Anthony Alozo

In just one moment, the thing you love the most can be taken away without warning… We would just ask that all drivers be so careful.

Alexis was born on February 5, 1996 in California. He was a happy boy and you could always find him with his headphones in listening to music. He used to sing in the kitchen and would also sing to his little sister, Ruby. His favorite bands were Los Tigres del Norte and Amor Platonico. He used to watch a video of a girl dancing to the song “La Del Moño Colorado” and he would start dancing and singing to the song. Ruby loved the way he sang.

Alexis was a great help around the house. He had the utmost respect for everyone he met and would try to be the peacemaker in an argument. He was a great big brother. He liked to play basketball and attended Cyprus High School. He wanted to be a policeman, a fire fighter, or a therapist.

His favorite foods were enchiladas and tamales with mole sauce. He especially loved his grandmother’s mole sauce. He wanted his grandmother to come over and teach us the recipe so that I could make it just like her—extra spicy, but still sweet. But I was always too busy and we never got to do that.

Alexis’ favorite color was red. He always wore red and black clothing and a hat that said “California” on the top. We bought him a red Honda civic and he absolutely loved that car.

I remember seeing that car, his favorite thing, on the side of the road absolutely demolished as we drove to the hospital the day of the crash.

Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 7:00 in the morning we received information that he was in a car crash. We were told to go to the hospital where he was having surgery on his hip. We waited at the hospital for an hour until someone came and told us that he had passed away. How could that be? We were told it was “just a surgery.” They told us there had been internal bleeding and brain damage and there was nothing they could do.

I miss my son so much. Everywhere I go I miss him. Sometimes I think he is still around, but then I remember that he’s not. I hope he is doing well alongside our Heavenly Father. Alexis had lots of friends growing up but as he got older, he just had one close friend, Ruben Fierro. He was like his brother.

After the crash, we expected many people to bring flowers to his grave or come visit, but I think all of his friends forgot about him. We wanted to share his story so that people do not forget him. We don’t know the details of the crash but we would just ask that all drivers be so careful. In just one moment, the thing you love the most can be taken away without warning.

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