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Alexis Nelson

I love to make someone smile every chance that i get because i love spreading positivity throughout life.

Alexis, or as we called her, “Lexi,” was taken from me at the age of 16. She was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road and would later pass away from her injuries. She was my sweet baby girl and we were the best of friends. She loved life.

I remember the day it happened. I dropped her off at a friend’s house, hugged her, and said, “I love you.” Later that afternoon, Lexi and her friend decided to get pumpkins at the local fruit stand. They had crossed the highway once, but decided to go and get more. The second time, someone stopped to let them cross but another driver, who didn’t see the girls, went around the stopped vehicle and struck Lexi and her friend. Lexi was flown to the University of Utah and we were notified she would not survive. She passed away on October 16, 2017. Knowing we could not bring her back, we decided to keep her body going until we could find matching organ donors. We spent four days in the hospital

preparing to say our final goodbyes.

Lexi had so much going for her. She was excited to get her driver’s license that week. We talked on many occasions about watching for pedestrians, and knowing people get distracted very easily in cars, about always being cautious. She even made a sticker for me to keep in the car to remind me to buckle up and put down my cell phone while driving. I always told her to make eye contact with the driver before crossing just to be safe. She was always trying to think of ways to help others and expressed that she would like to be an organ donor someday. She was ready to check that box on her driver’s license.

Lexi loved to give and get hugs. She tried to be friends with everyone. She was always taking care of her younger cousins and loved to Snapchat and take pictures with them. She looked up to her big brother and loved him so much. She was involved with the special needs classes in school, she volunteered at the local animal shelter, and was always taking pictures. She wanted to be a photographer when she grew up.

Lexi tried to live by this quote, and had it on her social media:




Our lives have been forever changed, and I know I drive a lot more aware of pedestrians and other distracted drivers. We have a great community that rallied around my family and I; they even all wore pink in support of Lexi and decorated the school, our home, and the streets in our neighborhood. She made an impact on so many people. I miss her each and every day and cannot tell you how hard it is to not see her smile and to not get a big hug from her anymore.

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