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Baylor Stout

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you are responsible for not only your own life, but all those who are on the road with you.

Baylor was the heart of our family and large part of our community. He was a lover of pandas, drawing and anything sweet, especially Peach Rings. He was often found hanging out with his brothers, drawing, playing video games or watching YouTube. He was at the center of his friend groups and he made everyone feel as if they were his best friend. He connected with people from all walks of life and had friends both young and old. His loss has sent a ripple of devastation through our community and continues to be far reaching.

He was 13 years old when a tragic car accident took his life and forever changed our family.

The last week of his life, we spent a beautiful week together at our cabin in central Utah. Baylor loved riding his motorcycle and exploring the mountains in our RZR. He convinced our family to play a few games of Yahtzee on our last night together, then kissed his mom goodnight with an “I love you, Momma” and a long hug.

Baylor and his dad got up the next morning at 7:30 AM to travel two hours back home. Baylor was not a morning person but had gotten up early so he and his dad could go to church. About half-way home on highway 89 near Bennie Creek, UT Baylor’s dad noticed an oncoming car drifting into their lane. He made a split-second decision to switch lanes into the oncoming traffic lane, hoping the vehicle would pass them by, but instead the driver of the other vehicle suddenly swerved back into her lane colliding with the passenger side of our large Ford F-150 where Baylor had been asleep. The collision forced the F-150 off the road and down a 25-foot steep hill. The collision caused life-threatening injuries to Baylor and he did not regain consciousness.

The site of the accident didn’t have cell coverage and neither did our cabin. By the time our family was made aware of the accident and we were able to make it to the hospital, Baylor died from his injuries. I will forever hear the words from the emergency room doctor echo in my head, “Your son was in a very serious car accident and has died“. We struggle with the reality of losing Baylor every day. This is something that happens to other families, not your own.

The driver of the other vehicle had reportedly fallen asleep, but later was confirmed to have a high level of marijuana THC in her blood. She was sentenced to serve only 7 months in jail for the death of our precious son. A senseless act that could have been prevented by choosing not to use drugs and not to drive drowsy. When you get behind the wheel of a car, you are responsible for not only your own life, but all those who are on the road with you. Drugs kill. If not you, then maybe someone else that you didn’t intend to hurt. The other driver has to live with the outcome of her decisions for the rest of her life and we have to live without the heart of our family. We miss Baylor every minute of every day.

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