Teen Memoriam Stories

Claire Elizabeth Kenyon

“Every tomorrow starts without you.”


The birth of you and your twin sister was the greatest moment of our lives. For seven years we prayed for your arrival. We read the baby books, went to the classes and received all kinds of advice from family and friends. But nothing prepared us for the overwhelming wave of happiness when you were born. Being your parents has been our life, our highest priority, our greatest joy. We were the happiest family of four, sharing this beautiful world.

Claire, you have been described in so many ways. If we could use only two words, just two words to describe you, it would be sweet and calm. You flowed through life with such poise, patience and grace. Your smile and twinkling eyes would light up the room. You always saw the best in people and stood up for those in need. The stories of how you touched so many lives with your kindness, compassion and acceptance of all continue to warm our hearts.

You loved to sing and dance. We called you Clairedell when we heard your melodic song. Your sweet voice and flowing chassè filled our home and hearts in the most random, most unexpected, and most wonderful way. Whether it was hip-hop, jazz or ballet, watching you dance was mesmerizing.

You loved our golden retrievers, Windsor and Nala. We will always remember the tears of joy you cried the day Daddy surprised you with Nala. Watching you train her, play with her and snuggle her in your bed are now just lingering memories.

You loved your twin sister and best friend, Courtney. The two of you shared life, laughter and dreams of the future. Your love for each other brought your parents such happiness. You will be in our hearts forever, but especially Courtney’s. You are our special angel, watching over us, bringing us comfort and strength. Your gentle lift continues to carry our heavy hearts.

Claire, the horrible accident on June 27, 2013 took you from us. While heaven gained an angel, our lives are forever changed. Every tomorrow starts without you. We are three now and carry an enormous sadness. We’ll pass out of this valley, it will just take more time. We promise… we’ll get better in this life. And in the next, we’ll be a foursome again.

CK forever… we love you sweetheart.

Dad, Mom & Courtney

*Details of the crash have been omitted due to pending litigation.

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