Teen Memoriam Stories

Holly Nickle

While many questions exist, there‘s only one truth that matters, and that is holly isn’t coming home and this accident is so very tragic.

Our precious Holly was so full of life! She had the biggest heart and a tremendous positive impact on those around her. She always had a smile and brought happiness with her wherever she went. She truly loved people and could make friends with anyone. Words don’t describe how fun and amazing it was to be around her! From the time she was little, Holly had a passion for clothes, painting her nails and make up.

On the Morning of December 1, 2018, Holly was driving south on U-111 near 5400 s. Due to a recent storm, the traffic lights at the upcoming intersection were covered with ice/snow making them difficult if not impossible to determine what color the light was. As Holly entered the intersection through a red light (unbeknownst to her), she was struck by a Pick-Up truck towing a trailer that was headed Westbound on 5400 S. through the intersection of U-111. Holly was killed upon impact. At this moment, our lives changed forever. When Holly wasn’t home on time nor answering her phone, we began driving the roads to see if maybe she had become stranded somewhere. After a short time of searching, we discovered the crash scene at the intersection. There is absolutely only one thing that’s more difficult than having a law enforcement officer inform you that your child was killed instantly in a car crash, and that’s saying goodbye right before you lay your child to rest.  Our hearts are completely shattered. While many questions exist, there’s only one truth that matters, and that is Holly isn’t coming home and this accident is so very tragic. The pain has remained constant. Everything about life as we knew it before the crash has forever changed and the void that now exists only continues to grow. There’s not a day that goes by without tears, and not a second that goes by without thinking of her and missing her. But we absolutely know we will see her again according to Jesus’ promise and the Faith, Hope and Love that He gives us through His word! But in the meantime, we do our best to get through the days. Her memory is always so very much alive in us! Holly has had so much of a positive impact on so many lives, both before and after the accident. There’s absolutely nothing in this world we wouldn’t do to go back in time and change it all! We miss her so very much and we strive to do our best in moving forward in life with her constantly on our minds and in our hearts.

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