Teen Memoriam Stories

Micah and Shilo Edwards

Who knew that a small moment could so irreparably alter the rest of our lives?

Our daughters Micah (age 21) and Shilo (age 19) were students at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Our family lives in West Bountiful, so each weekend they came home we would watch the weather and try to time their travels to avoid storms and bad roads. We would even go online to check road conditions using the new road cams available.

The weekend of February 13, 2009 was an important one. It was Valentine’s weekend and the girls were coming home! Micah had a doctor appointment and Shilo was coming home to get engaged to the love of her life, Andrew Winegar.

There had been a small storm overnight and so, as the morning progressed, we tried to reach them to check on their progress. We talked to Shilo just as they were leaving school and told them to be careful and that we loved them. Later, when we didn’t hear from them, we began to panic. Soon after we received the call no parent should ever hear. “Please go home and an officer will meet you there.” We were in shock as the officer explained that not only one, but both girls were killed. As the girls were going through Indianola, we believe they were going too fast for conditions on the slick road. Micah braked and started to fishtail and went into oncoming traffic. A truck was coming in the opposite direction and could not help hitting them on the passenger side. The girls were killed instantly.

The people in the truck were severely injured. They did everything they could to avoid hitting the girls, but it just happened too fast. They are wonderful people and their lives have been full of one surgery after another and much pain. Our hearts go out to them!

Micah and Shilo have always been closer than most sisters. Even though they lived in two different apartments at school, they usually slept together at one place or the other. They felt the need to be together. They were known at school as the beautiful Edwards girls, but they were as comfortable on a four-wheeler as in a fancy prom dress. We have camped as a family all our lives. They would hold princess pageants for the little girls while on camping trips in the mountains.

Micah was always a rebellious spirit, but had so much compassion for others. She had gotten her C.N.A. and worked in care centers but wanted to become a nurse to work in hospitals with children. Oh, how she and Shilo loved children. They both would have made the most remarkable mothers! They were kid magnets.

Shilo graduated from beauty school and high school at the same time. She was very ambitious and loved to do hair. She wanted to go to Snow College and just prepare for life a little bit. She was one of those people who excelled at everything she attempted. She was amazing! Andrew’s life has been decimated as well. He misses Shilo more than I can possibly explain. All their hopes and dreams together were shattered.

We love and miss Micah and Shilo so much. Our lives have been completely shattered and changed since this accident. Who knew that a small moment could so irreparably alter the rest of our lives? It has changed many other lives as well, within our family, and in our community. We sincerely hope that others who hear of our tragedy will drive more carefully, more safely, and be more aware. We do not want any other family to hear those fateful words or go through the grief we live with every day.

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