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Patrick Lawrence

Please remember, trains are moving faster than you think. Always obey all warning signs and signals at railroad crossings and cross only at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings.

We nicknamed Patrick LP (Little Patrick) for the confusion of being named after my uncle. Patrick was a very quiet kid through his middle and high school years. LP was not a social or photogenic kid unless I bribed him with saying “Please, memories for me”.

His BMX bike and gaming systems were his most favorite things. He would wait for everyone to go to sleep and go out and ride his bike at night. His older brother would always wait up for however long to make sure he made it back. In his late pre-teen to early-teen years, he started battling mental health issues. He struggled through the years up until the year prior to his passing, when we noticed a total turn around. He was smiling and coming around with the family more. He was starting to come out of his hermit shell and living life how it should be for a kid.

He had this contagious laugh that would just keep you both laughing non-stop until your gut hurt. He loved to annoy me (by saying, “Mother, Mother, Mother” to me non-stop). If I locked my door on him or went somewhere else to get away, he would follow me around. I would give anything to get those back. LP was a very smart kid with science even though his grades didn’t show it. He loved nature and all the little creatures it comes with.

LP’s best friend was his dog “General.” He had to do everything with him. Other favorites were camping, skipping/collecting rocks and shooting his BB gun.

April 18, 2022, the day after Easter, is when my son received his wings. I was at work that morning when I had received the call from my neighbor. My son was on his way to school riding his bike that morning. Across the street from home, the rail guards were down. The first train had passed before he started crossing. However, he didn’t see the other train on the opposite side until it was too late.

The side of the train clipped his bike and flipped him in the air. He landed on his head where the first set of tracks were. He died on impact. He was not wearing a helmet and his brakes had broken on him a couple months prior. Had he been wearing a helmet and proper working equipment, and had he been aware of the crossings that day, my son would still be alive.

Dealing with LP passing has been the most horrifying thing our family has ever dealt with, and we have been through a lot of life situations. It’s hard to let go that it happened. We are left with a lot of questions that will be unanswered. He is missed dearly by tons of family and friends. We keep his memory alive by getting together to celebrate and decorate the vigil site for every holiday.

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