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Porscha Marie Dzierzon

In just a few seconds she was gone. This wreck should have and could have been prevented.

Porscha Marie Dzierzon was born on December 26, 1992. She was our Christmas gift. What a joy she brought to our lives. Porscha was truly beautiful inside and out. She touched a lot of people’s lives and had the biggest heart for everyone. It didn’t matter who you were or where you were from, she would always want to make people happy and smile. Porscha attended Woods Cross High School and was in her junior year.

On September 11, 2009, our lives changed forever. We lost our daughter Porscha, a true angel. We received a phone call that night from her boyfriend. I couldn’t make out what he was saying at first but as I realized that something was really wrong, I asked him to slow down and tell me again what was going on. He said, “Jeremy, I’m really sorry but I rolled my Jeep and Porscha is hurt really bad.” My heart stopped, I asked if he called 911 before us and he said yes. I asked if she was okay and he started crying and then paused: “She is bleeding out the back of her head really bad.” Then I really got upset and told him to try and get the bleeding stopped; then the phone went dead.

That phone call will probably be the worst call I will ever receive, knowing our daughter was lying there seriously injured and there’s nothing that you can do. We had seen her at our home just an hour before this happened.

The site of the crash was up Bountiful Canyon, about 30 minutes away from any medical help. When we left our house in North Salt Lake, we had to call the police dispatcher to get the exact location of the wreck. They told us it was at the top of Bountiful Canyon. On our way up, we could see the paramedics’ lights and that was a very sick feeling in itself. When we arrived at the site of the crash, the officer wouldn’t let us go up the canyon because they had it blocked off. We waited about an hour and the sheriff drove down to let us know the news…that our daughter Porscha had passed away. He explained to us that the Jeep she was in had been coming down the mountain fast and the driver lost control. At that point the Jeep rolled and the passenger side was crushed. Her boyfriend made several mistakes that night. He made the choice to drive recklessly and endanger not only Porscha, but her two best friends who were in the back seat as well. He also chose to drive recklessly on a very dangerous dirt road at a high speed. Perhaps the biggest mistake was that no one was wearing a seat belt.

In just a few seconds she was gone. This wreck should have and could have been prevented. I can’t even begin to tell you the impact this had on our family. Getting that kind of news that your child has been killed in a car crash and we didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. This has been a very devastating experience that I hope no family ever has to go through. I do hope this sends a message to other kids that you don’t drive recklessly, and always make sure you are in a seat belt as well as the people with you – make it a rule in your car. We have lost a true angel whom we can never get back. I know Porscha would want us all to continue on with life and I know we will see our sweet angel again. Never take a single breath for granted as it takes just a second to lose the ones you love. Always tell one another how much you love them and cherish every day you have.

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