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Shelbie McAffee

We miss her VERY much. Her memory is always with us and she will never be forgotten. We feel that driver responsibility should be recognized before getting behind the wheel.

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She was a daughter that you could look into her eyes and see her heart. She was loved by everyone who made contact with her. Shelbie was a sophomore at Wasatch High School and was looking forward to her sixteenth birthday. She belonged to the yearbook committee and FFA. She loved to sing and especially dance. She loved to ride horses and she danced with the Academy of Dance for several years, helping her team win numerous trophies.

The morning of her birthday, her dad let her skip first period and took her to the Drivers License Division where she received her driver’s license. She was so excited. The Homecoming Dance at her high school was approaching and she was asked to go. She went shopping with her mother, sister, and a friend to find that perfect dress. After several shops she found the one that she liked best, not to forget the BIG blue diamond ring that made it complete.

The day of Homecoming, September 30, 2007, she and her date and another couple went on a day date. They went driving in the mountains and enjoyed the scenery, carving their names on trees. Shelbie’s mom received a call from her asking how long she thought it would take her to get ready for the dance. Now, Shelbie was one of those lucky girls who could jump out of bed, run a comb through her hair, and look beautiful. She told her mom that she thought it would take a couple of hours to get ready, so they stopped at a restaurant and had a bite to eat before returning home. As Shelbie was getting ready, her sister and mother watched as she put on her makeup, curled her hair, and added that final touch that made her glow. We were all so excited for her because this was her first legal date. Her date showed up and they exchanged flowers.

Shelbie, her date, and another couple went to the dance and decided to go to Salt Lake City to a haunted house, but on the way heard from some friends that it was closing. They decided to go to Denny’s and eat. Her mom received a phone call from Shelbie saying that they were on their way home. After not returning home, her parents tried calling her cell phone several times and no answer. They knew that something wasn’t right because Shelbie always answered her phone and kept in touch with them.

Shelbie’s brother came home from his date and we asked him if he had seen Shelbie. He said no, but he had passed a Highway Patrol heading out of town. We called dispatch and they said that there had been an accident on I-30. Our hearts dropped as we knew that this could possibly be our daughter. Our son drove to the scene with some friends and he identified the car. He told them that this was his sister, but they wouldn’t let him near the scene. She was only 5 miles from being home.

The car left the highway and traveled 500 feet in the median before rolling several times. All 4 children were ejected from the vehicle. We were notified that she was being taken to LDS Hospital. As we approached the hospital our hearts were still in disbelief that this was our child, hoping and praying that she would be okay. Shelbie died of brain trauma and had internal injuries. She had no pulse and was not breathing at the scene. The driver had either fallen to sleep or was using his cell phone. The reason is unknown according to the Highway Patrol.

This has had a devastating effect on our family. Our hearts are still aching and feeling lost. Our son and family members struggled to get through school. It has put a big impact on our community. She was a fun-loving girl who was looking forward to a lot of firsts. To lose a child has left an empty spot that will never heal. It is hard not having her with us camping, shopping, holidays, day by day seeing her beautiful smile and telling her goodnight, we love you, at the end of the days. We miss her VERY much. Her memory is always with us and she will never be forgotten. We feel that driver responsibility should be recognized before getting behind the wheel.

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