Teen Memoriam Stories

Thomas Clark

"...No phone call, text message, e-mail, etc. Is worth losing a human life.”

May 8, 1997 to Sept 3, 2012

Tommy was walking with a friend when a distracted driver hit him from behind. The driver was an adult distracted by a cell phone.
Tommy was doing nothing wrong and was even wearing a very bright yellow jacket. He was highly visible that night.
Tommy did not get the chance to drive. His life was taken two days before he was to get his permit. We will never know how excited he may have been to get to drive for the first time.
TLC. His initials will forever mean to us “the lost child!!!”
We will never get the chance to know what could have been. Our message would have to be that no phone call, text message, e-mail, etc. is worth losing a human life.

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