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Zachery Lindley

“Zach would still be with us had he been wearing his helmet.”

The excitement our entire family felt when we were told we were having twins was something only parents of multiple births can understand. We talked about it with everyone who asked, “How far along are you?” Everyone we met and talked with gave us the opportunity to tell this wonderful story of these new lives given to us by God. What an amazing thrill!

Zachery and his twin brother Adam were born 16 minutes apart,  with Zachery entering this world first, the older brother, the leader in all things between them.

These boys were inseparable day, night, feeding time, play time…they did everything together.

Each new adventure was generally led by Zach, then closely followed by Adam. The only exception was Zach’s love of skateboarding. Adam was a little afraid of getting skinned up or bumped on the head. Zach would dive headfirst into the grass when he was trying new tricks on his board. He dreamt of getting a sponsorship as he grew in his talent and quest for perfection. Zachery took a backseat to no one.

Zach went through some very tough times as Mom and Dad’s work took them around the country. Once we settled here in the Salt Lake Valley, Zach found great fun in the hills and mountains. He would skateboard everywhere we would allow him to. We even caught him hiding his helmet he was made to wear, neatly tucked in the bushes on the way to East Sandy Elementary in 5th grade.

As much as we punished him and withdrew his privileges to ride his skateboard, he ignored us and wanted the free flowing breeze through his hair. He loved the feeling of swooping about on the hills and dales of Sandy.

When he met Rachel, he fell head over heels for her. They went to Homecoming at Hillcrest High in late October of 2011. Young love bloomed. By the time they reached their three month anniversary of dating, Zach had scribed a letter to Rachel that he slipped into his back pocket after school on December 6, 2011.

He hopped on his skateboard at about 3:30 p.m. to head down the hill to her house and spend the evening watching TV, maybe going out to eat. It was 3:40 p.m. in the afternoon when he was turning the corner off of Sego Lilly Drive onto Poppy Lane when the fateful incident took place. Zach was in the shadows of the trees at the corner when a Jeep crossed the street and fatefully met Zach, leaving him lifeless on the ground. Many people at the scene helped and called 911. Life Flight was summoned to take Zach to Intermountain Medical Center just a few miles away. His condition was grave.

Our precious Zachy went through 10 brain surgeries and procedures and every kind of infection imaginable over the next nine months as he and the doctors valiantly fought for his life. It wasn’t to be.

Our precious twin Zachery, brother, grandchild, and nephew was healed completely on September 12, 2012, but it wasn’t the healing we had worked and prayed so hard for. At 8:07 p.m., on his oldest brother Rob’s birthday, with all of his brothers and sister, mom, dad, and many friends holding him and saying goodbye, Zachery Taylor Lindley went home to be with the Lord. He is free from the burdens and pains of this most horrific event, and for that we thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are no words to describe the depth of our pain. We will never get over his passing, but we rejoice in the time and the memories God gave us with our Zachy.

We cry out to every parent and child to protect their heads at any speed faster than walking. Zach would still be with us had he been wearing his helmet. Our regret in this is unspeakable and we miss our boy with every fiber of our being. Don’t let this happen in your family. You can never recover from losing a child. We miss you so much Zachy. We send kisses to Heaven for you. Our precious Zach, artist, athlete, strong, caring son, friend, and brother.

Robert, Tracie, Adam, Christian, Rob, Steven, Maureen and Shawn

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