Teen Memoriam Stories

Hunter Chase Johnson

We will love you forever and always and look forward to being together again when our missions here on Earth are completed.

Hunter was born on March 25, 1999 and he could not have come to a more fitting home of such abundant love for his arrival. As he grew and developed into his own little person, the love he had for life and others was quickly apparent. Hunter was always smiling and began playing jokes on his mom and others from a very early age. He had such a tender heart and cared about even God’s smallest creatures. He was very sensitive to others’ feelings. There were many instances when I was having a rough day, and by no mention by me, Hunter would reach up, put his arms around my neck and give me a hug. He found the silver lining in the darkest times and brought pure joy to those around him in every situation, most often through his wit and spectacular humor.

Over the years, Hunter participated in different sports and activities which is how he discovered his love of wrestling and football. He planned to continue playing both in his upcoming senior year at Bountiful High School. Hunter was known as the class clown and even his teachers couldn’t help but smile at his joking personality. Hunter’s legacy as a jokester will live on as his constant desire to scare his family became a regular occurrence at family gatherings.

Hunter was known and loved by so many throughout his life. He was extremely smart and very talented and worked well with his hands taking up hobbies such as painting, drawing, origami, jewelry making, ceramics, as well as something he kept from others, a great singing voice.

As Hunter was looking to his future, he contemplated serving an LDS mission, and had a desire to serve in the Air Force and continue his education to become a brain surgeon. Besides rooting for the Seattle Seahawks as his #1 professional football team, Hunter was true blue at heart for his love of BYU football. Hunter enjoyed video games, movies, pizza, and Sour Patch Kids.

On July 3, 2016, Hunter and I were driving near Strawberry Reservoir. We were hit headon as I attempted to pass a vehicle, sending our car down an embankment. I tried to avoid the crash by swerving left to miss the oncoming car, but we collided in the front passenger side area where Hunter was sitting.

Hunter expressed a strong desire to know what his purpose here on earth was. Well, “Hunter Boy”. . . your purpose was to bring all the love, happiness, and joy you did to your family and friends. There is not a single person who has come to know you that went untouched by your love, laughter, smiles, kindness, service, and all-around good heart which you shared with them each and every day. You are AWESOME and will forever be my “Handsome Son.” I am so proud of the young man you have become. Thank you for returning to your Heavenly home just the way you are. We will love you forever and always, and look forward to being together again when our missions here on Earth are completed.

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