Teen Memoriam Stories

Janet Velasco

“Whenever you are going to be driving a motorcycle...wear helmets...drive the speed limit, and just be safe.”

Janet was a fun, loving, open-hearted, and amazing girl. She truly did enjoy every minute here. When you met her you couldn’t help but smile. She was nice to anyone who crossed her way. She loved making new friends as well. Janet loved singing, playing the guitar, and being with family and friends. She had graduated from Mountain View High in May, where she had won homecoming queen her senior year. She was going to be attending Utah Valley University the following fall. She was a hard worker who didn’t give up. You saw her and you would honestly be amazed at how much dedication she put into something. She truly was something special.

On July 8, 2012, Janet and her friend, David, were driving down Provo Canyon and lost control of the motorcycle they were on. They crashed into metal barriers. That morning, heaven gained two amazing angels. Whenever you are going to be driving a motorcycle, just make sure to wear helmets (both David and Janet were wearing helmets that night), drive the speed limit, and just be safe.

Janet has two sisters, one older and one younger. She also has a little brother. Janet and her older sister, Alejandra, were very close. Alejandra has a baby boy, Isaiah, whom Janet grew to love. In the short five months that she was with Isaiah, Janet loved him more than anyone could love someone. Alejandra and Janet were each other’s support systems. They would go to each other whenever they were feeling down or just needed to talk. Elizabeth, Janet’s younger sister, was also very close to her. They went to Mountain View High together Janet’s senior year. They counted on each other for everything. The three sisters grew up together and, even though Janet is gone, they will always be as close as they were. Oscar, the only boy in the family, loves his sister more than ever. She admired him so much; they had a connection that no one could describe. We, as parents, were very close to her as well. Everyone saw her as their best friend, or close friend, but we saw her as something bigger than that. She had so much potential. She was truly amazing and is missed by the whole family.

With love,
The Velasco Family

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